Friday, June 10, 2011

First trip to my parents summer camp

Cassidy, Jake and I took off for the north woods! My parents have a camp near a lake and its a pretty relaxing pace up there. but close to outlets for some shopping too :-)
Cassidy had lots of firsts. Her first peanut butter & jelly sandwich - big success. Her first time to the beach - also a big success. The cold lake water didn't deter her from going in. The fact that I hadn't put her in a bathing suit caused me to make a quick rescue. The beach has a playground and she enjoyed climbing on that, sliding and swinging. A girl after my own heart - at 39 I still love to swing!
She ate sand. obviously didn't like the taste yet I'm confident that she'll try again.  A great weekend and I look forward to going up again in July.