Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm back

Wow did I miss my computer! After having it re-built, it’s like getting a new computer. Things aren’t set up the way you like and it takes time to get everything back to normal. Time I haven’t had as we’ve still been working on our little house project (pictures next week perhaps).

It’s busy but all good. Cassidy is really talking up a storm and parroting everything we say (time to watch our swear words!). She refuses to sit in her booster seat and wants to eat dinner in the big girl chair. She wants to eat cereal with milk (no more oatmeal for her!). She wants to watch Dora the Explorer and tells us so by yelling at the TV. She’s adorable!

Health wise I’m great! I’m working out again, which makes me so happy! I’ve been on my anti-cancer recurrence medicine for a whole month and (knock-on-wood) have experienced NO side effects!! Woohoo! 4 years and 11 months more to go!

At the end of last year Bill and I booked ourselves a little vacation to Bermuda. Just the grown-ups! Less than 3 months until we go and I can’t wait! I think the anticipation of a vacation is almost as good as the vacation itself.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Busy Weekend

We started a home project this weekend that ate up most of our time this weekend. I can't wait for it to be finished in a few weeks. I'll share pictures then.

Our computer has been having problems. We know we got a virus a few weeks ago but we can't get rid of it. Friday we broke down and paid someone to come help us and... they couldn't get rid of it either. The computer works but it won't connect to the Internet.  It's bad timing because I would really like to buy an Apple computer but we just can't afford it now. We're spending money on our home project, have a big vacation coming up... It's just not the time to invest in a new, more expensive, computer.  We're having our computer rebuilt for cheap money so this will probably be my last post for a week since we won't have a computer at all after tomorrow!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sick Girl

We've been lucky that while Cassidy had tons of colds last year (first year in daycare) she was still a pretty easy going girl. Aside from an injury, or forced by daycare, we've never had a sick visit and she's never had more than a cold.

And she only has a cold now but...  she clearly doesn't feel well.  Not eating, sleeping a ton and grumpy! Wow is she grumpy!
It started Friday so I hope she feels better tomorrow. We've watched a lot of TV this weekend. Apparently Dora the Explorer makes her feel better :-)    I've only seen glimpses of her normal smiley self and I want her all the way back!

I love how whatever is on our tv photographs so well.
We also love the Backyardigans!

Friday, January 13, 2012

What causes cancer?

When I came back to work after my first surgery, someone who knew of my diagnosis asked me if the doctors told me what caused my cancer?  I’m sure I answered with a tone of “are you f’ing stupid?” but the words I said were “the doctor said the medical community is light years away from knowing what causes any one individual to get cancer”. Which is actually what he said. Even though I hadn’t asked because…  I’ve never been under the impression that I would ever learn HOW I got cancer.

It peaked my interest that the Winter 2011 edition of Cure magazine has on the cover, “What Caused My Cancer? (The answer may be more complicated than you think)”. We got a good laugh about this at support group because we always thought it was a very complicated! However I was inclined to read the article and it began:

“Today, the list of possible environmental carcinogens reads like a catalog of modern conveniences, including cell phones, plastic bottles, styrene in Styrofoam, imported drywall, high-voltage power lines, light at night. Other environmental causes of cancer may be rooted in lifestyle factors, such as obesity, drinking alcohol, a fondness for suntans and smoking, or infections with viruses and bacteria. In fact, knowing all the ways the environment can conspire to fuel cancer growth, perhaps the real wonder is how so many people can remain cancer-free for so long.”

“Even the most wicked environmental carcinogens must still find an accomplice within a person’s own DNA. After all, for reasons no one knows, the vast majority of smokers do not get lung cancer.”

The article was very interesting and confirmed what I always suspected. The cause of cancer is very complex.  If it was simple we would’ve found a way to prevent it years ago!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Perhaps you've noticed the link on my blog to another blog? Enjoying the Small Things by Kelle Hampton. While I was on maternity leave and trolling Internet message boards during one of Cassidy's naps, I came across Kelle's blog. It was recommended because she's a wonderful photographer and her babies are beautiful. Loving photography myself I quickly looked it up and yes, her photos are beautiful. However that is not what has kept me reading Kelle's blog all this time. It is her free wheeling spirit, her energy and yes, her photos. Kelle's daughter Nella was born, almost 2 years ago, with Down Syndrome.

Now that is a life-changing event!  I believe that some day in the future breast cancer will be a small blip on my memories of my life. For the Hampton's, DS is not going to go away. As a fellow mama, I applaud Kelle's desire for her beautiful daughter to lead a normal life full of acceptance and love.  For the 2nd time Kelle is raising money for Nella's birthday to support NDSS. The mission of NDSS is to be the national advocate for the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. NDSS envisions a world in which all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to enhance their quality of life, realize their life aspirations, and become valued members of welcoming communities.

I gave last year. I remember watching the amount grow. Watching in amazement that so many people, giving small amounts, can make a big difference.  I will give again this year.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Enjoying our new toys

We are enjoying our new toys. The Fisher Price Little People are tons of fun. Cassidy loves coloring and we're enjoying her new coloring book and crayons. "We" includes mommy & grammy!

Cassidy also got a Leap Frog Violet dog.  It's really cool. I programmed it with her name, favorite songs, food, animal and color. Her face when it says her name is adorable. We're grateful to everyone who gave her the cool toys. It's very appreciated.

Cassidy was in such a good mood yesterday. It was nice to spend the day with her after three days of work.