Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm back

Wow did I miss my computer! After having it re-built, it’s like getting a new computer. Things aren’t set up the way you like and it takes time to get everything back to normal. Time I haven’t had as we’ve still been working on our little house project (pictures next week perhaps).

It’s busy but all good. Cassidy is really talking up a storm and parroting everything we say (time to watch our swear words!). She refuses to sit in her booster seat and wants to eat dinner in the big girl chair. She wants to eat cereal with milk (no more oatmeal for her!). She wants to watch Dora the Explorer and tells us so by yelling at the TV. She’s adorable!

Health wise I’m great! I’m working out again, which makes me so happy! I’ve been on my anti-cancer recurrence medicine for a whole month and (knock-on-wood) have experienced NO side effects!! Woohoo! 4 years and 11 months more to go!

At the end of last year Bill and I booked ourselves a little vacation to Bermuda. Just the grown-ups! Less than 3 months until we go and I can’t wait! I think the anticipation of a vacation is almost as good as the vacation itself.

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