Thursday, May 5, 2011

I was hoping to have a good picture of me in an eye patch

Tuesday daycare called me, they suspected Cassidy had conjunctivitis and needed me to pick her up & take her to the doctors. I had a feeling she was fine. All last weekend she's had a cold and rubs her nose boogers into her eyes (charming I know). So I go pick her up and take her to the doctors where they confirm my diagnosis that she is fine. They give me a note so she can go back to daycare Wednesday. I'm pretty happy. Figuring she'll take a nap when we get home and I can log back into work. I won't use much time off at all.
as I'm carrying her into the house we get the mail. She hold's a piece. And pokes me in the eye with the corner of an envelope! I end up in agony Tuesday and unable to work (obviously). Wednesday I go to the eye doctor and sure enough that envelope cut my cornea. I was hoping they'd give me an eye patch but no such luck.
Luckily it'll all be healed by Monday but the irony...

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