Friday, November 9, 2012

Moving in 5 weeks!

The home inspection on our house went well. We were nervous about the age of our roof but apparently it wasn't an issue. We did test positive for Radon (slightly) so we do have to pay to have that fixed. They are coming today.

We are buying a house that we can see from our house. Right around the corner! It's brand new. Just built this summer! We're getting excited!

2 car garage!  The house is on a tiny dead end street though for so those people who come to Cassidy's birthday party - the parking situation could be even worse than on our existing street!

Big kitchen with a nice deck to the backyard. The yard has lots of trees so finally shade for Cassidy.

All new appliances! granite counters. honestly, these are things I don't really care about. We had fairly new appliances and the granite is nice but... not my deal. I'm really just happy to have more space. Open concept, new & level (nothing in our house is level haha).

This is the dining room. Very open to the kitchen.
5 weeks to moving day! I can't wait. We're going to have an awesome Christmas in our new (forever) home!

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