Sunday, January 20, 2013

Enjoying our new home

We haven't been doing much. Hanging out at the new house enjoying it. Enjoying being together.
Cassidy has been wearing her new clothes from Christmas. 

I painted the first room in the new house - Cassidy's of course. In her favorite color.  It's made me want to paint more room.
Cassidy started preschool! So far she's shy and quiet. I'm sure with a little time she'll come out of her shell.

We had a winter storm.  I don't mind a few inches and then it melts the next week. I can live with a winter like that!

Jake is getting used to the new house and I think he likes it. I caught him rolling around in the snow in the yard!

And we've been cheering for our favorite team - The Patriots!  Good luck to them today in the AFC Championship!

Loving Life!

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