Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dinner guest this evening

My husband is away for the weekend. So I invited a good friend over for dinner tonight. Prior to marriage and baby I did this often and invited the girls over for dinner & gossip. I haven’t done it in a long time and since I still have a baby to take care off I thought I’d start small. Yesterday I baked the most important part of any meal – dessert J.  I used apples from our apple picking last week and made Apple Brown Betty from a recipe I’ve always wanted to try. It smelled really good. I love the smell of apples baking.

Today I got some Tortilla soup ready in the crock pot. That way whenever the baby is in bed, dinner is ready and I don’t have to do anything except serve. It’s a new recipe so hopefully it tastes good. I think you can’t go wrong with lots of veggies. It's starting to cook now and it smells yummy.
My friend is bringing the wine. I'm sure we have lots to catch up on and at the end of a fun, slightly drunken evening we'll say that we have to do it again, more frequently...   and we really should.

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