Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just relaxing

With my husband away I spent most of this weekend alone. Well, alone with a 6 month old and a dog but that’s pretty much alone from a conversation stand point. I don’t mind being alone like that. It was nice. I took dog and baby for long chilly morning walks, caught up on some favorite tv shows, cooked,  put up Halloween decorations and played on the floor with my daughter.

I attempted to take a nice 6 month photo of Cassidy. In retrospect I wish I’d tried harder on Friday but I just tried once and she wasn’t smiling much and gave up. Saturday I dressed her in an outfit I thought would be good for pictures – white longsleeve onsie and jeans. Started snapping and… nope, don’t like her in a white shirt (she’s pretty pasty). So we play, walk, nap and I put a zip up sweater over the onesie. Start snapping and…  she’s not smiling great. The sweater is a little big on her and I’ve always had that sweater in mind for some outdoor photos (Christmas card maybe) so we play, go to the store, nap. When she wakes I put a jumper style dress  over her onesie and take off the jeans. Okay – this is a cute outfit. I even get a great picture of her sitting. Except one arm is a big blur L 

On Sunday I didn’t even try to take photos. I was determined that I was going to somehow miraculously learn to edit the photo to get rid of the blurred arm and add in a normal arm? Now it’s Monday and I realize – I don’t have those skills. Or anything even close to those skills. So now I’ll be spending next weekend trying to get a nice 6 month photo too!  Wish me happy but still baby luck!

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