Friday, March 23, 2012

I love Digital Scrapbooking

I love digital scrapbooking. I take a lot of pictures. I rarely have prints made and love the hard bound photo books (I made one back with our wedding and honeymoon pictures). Then I found digital scrapbooking which is just like regular scrapbooking but all on the computer.  I use Photo shop Elements as my software which has also helped me learn valuable photo editing tools. Such as, last years Christmas card picture had a big booger under Cassidy's nose that I edited out!

I've made a photo book each year from 2009 on and each year you can see how I get better and better at this. I follow one web-site for products perhaps a little too religiously (Thank you Shabby Shoppe) but they have a frequently updated blog and because I stick to their products I can mix & match sets easily.

Every year they have Project Scrap on their blog. They provide 24 layouts each year - 2 pages for each month. You fill the layouts with your own elements (photos, flowers, paper etc). So at the end of the year you have a book. I'll end up adding extra pages (last year I think my book was 80 pages). One of the layouts for January looks like:

Last year I used some of the layouts but didn't really know what I was doing until late in the year. I can tell when I look at my book. This year I decided to do all 24 (I was swayed by the awesome covers they had last year). So far I've done January & February and then already an additional 2 pages.

Digital Scrapbooking makes me excited to take more pictures. It's my #1 hobby and I love the time I spend sitting at the computer scrapbooking!

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