Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter was nice. Not that I'm religious and really care about the whole meaning of Easter (actually I don't even think I know why this is a holiday?) but I'm always up for a family gathering and the stores being closed so everyone is forced to relax.

I know the stores aren't even really closed but I tell myself they are.

On Friday Cassidy and I colored eggs for the first time. I haven't colored eggs since my mom helped me and it's good that Cassidy is little because I learned some valuable lessons. Like:
  • Read the instructions prior to 5 minutes before you start (you don't just dissolve the tablet with water?)
  • Follow the instructions after reading them (forgot to stir the tablet and water and definitely got some interesting lines on my eggs)
  • Use the little metal thing they give you to fish out the eggs from the dye cups (I used a spoon - creating a wet mess that each egg sat in instead of drying.
  • Don't ask your little girl if she wants to decorate the eggs until you know for sure they've dried.
I'll do better next year. Cassidy didn't care and had lots of fun putting stickers on and coloring the eggs.

Sunday we had dinner at my mom's where Cassidy had a second egg hunt. She's not very good at it and I took not one single picture at our house (I hadn't had my coffee yet).

I'm entering a contest on the scrapbooking site I shop at most. Shout out to Shabby Shoppe. I get an extra entry for mentioning it on my blog so here's my mention. and my entry below. It's a random pick so it doesn't matter how cute my scrapbook page is.

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