Monday, June 11, 2012

Grandma's 90th Birthday

My Grandmother turned 90 years old! She's a hot sh!t. She said she didn't want a party but IF there was a party she didn't want chocolate cake!  My aunt had a BBQ and it was a good time. We really only see all my aunts & uncles around Christmas so it's always nice to see them another time during the year. Especially when its for a happy occasion.

as usual my sister made the cake. My Gram loves owls. It was adorable & yummy too!

My dad is a twin (fraternal) and it was so funny when Cassidy looked at him and his brother and said "Two Grampies!"  It was really cute.

Other than that we had a low-key weekend. I have a couple doctors appointments this week (nothing wrong just check-ups and still struggling with birth control issues) so it'll be a busy week. I have a few long weekends/vacation time planned for the summer and I can't wait to get away and enjoy this summer!

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