Sunday, August 12, 2012

Busy at work, slacking at home

It's always the week you have plans after work that work becomes crazy busy. But... I still leave work. I may boot up the laptop when I get home from shopping and dinner with my sister but I went shopping and out to dinner so I feel I still maintained my new motto of everything being more important than work.

But yes, work is crazy busy. My Friday off wasn't really off. I worked a bit today. I'm off to Florida for the week but the good thing about that is there's lots of time to work when you're alone in a hotel room at night.

The result of all this craziness is not too many pictures. But in our playtime we've done lots of puzzles. Cassidy is getting really good at them. We bought her some 25 piece puzzles. They are all Mickey Mouse. One is missing a piece and upon finishing it she always says "and we can't find the missing piece" LOL.  I think she thinks we're still looking for it. We're not.

We built a Lego tower taller than Cassidy. I think her favorite part is knocking it over. Which makes a mess.

And watching TV while reading a book. I know she's copying us because we've reached the point where we can't stand any of her kids shows anymore so we read while she watches her shows at night.

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