Monday, August 6, 2012

Great Weekend!

We had a great weekend! Friday Cassidy and I visited my best college friend and had a lovely lunch and swim in her pool (OK, Cassidy refused to swim but she happily played with Lego’s on the deck while the rest of us swam). My friend’s daughter is the only girl in her family so we also got a sweet Barbie 2 wheel bike (with training wheels) for Cassidy. My friend’s daughter was so sweet to Cassidy. She made her a goody bag with hair ties. Which works out great for me because Cassidy wouldn’t wear her own hair doodads but “Olivia’s barrette” is getting lots of use.

Asleep in the car on the drive home

Big smile for her new barrette (which you can't see in the midst of all the curls)

Saturday we just did normal house things – lawn, grocery shopping. But we grilled (chicken and steak tips) and had a nice dinner. Cassidy loves corn on the cob!

Sunday was great! We went to the Aquarium. We got there on the train because something was going on in Boston and the roads near the Aquarium were closed. It was Cassidy’s first ride on the train and she didn’t want to get on when it arrived at the station. She was crying and had me in a choke hold. But she calmed down and we explained that it’s just like a car but it carries lots of people and mommy & daddy don’t have to drive.

At the train station

The aquarium was fun. Cassidy kept saying “more animals”! She got a pink penguin at the gift shop which she appropriately named, pink penguin. We had an awesome lunch at Tia’s (man that was a good salad!). Cassidy rode on a Merry Go Round with no tears for the first time! I was so proud of her. We walked over to Faneuil Hall but now it was starting to shower (it was unbearable hot & humid) so we headed towards the train pretty quickly. Cassidy slept briefly in the car on the way to ice cream near our house, where of course she got purple ice cream (black raspberry). She wanted to share with mommy, but mommy is sick of strawberry & black raspberry so she declined.
Then we headed home, we crashed on the couch ready to just relax for the evening (especially since no nap was making someone a bit testy). I hugged Bill and said “today was awesome”. I urged Cassidy to hug us both from the other side of Bill. Doing so she head butted him in the eye socket! As Bill writhed in pain I scooted over to make sure her head was OK (it was). Just then I heard the rain come pouring down and I pushed aside the curtain and said Wow look at that rain! I hope we don’t lose power. And one minute later we lost power.
It came back after about three hours, a hundred explanations to Cassidy of why the house had no power (storm, electricity, no TV or light) and a quick dinner out. So it was a super busy Sunday but really very fun. Can’t wait for next weekend!

Last weekend I got some great scrap booking done. June and July. I love the summer colors and the beachy items. 

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