Monday, July 30, 2012

Okay vacation

I took Cassidy up to my parents cottage for a few days. Of course this is when two year molars start coming in and my normal happy girl was whiny and crying at the drop of a hat. It was a rough few days and we came home early. She's still a little off but at least she's back home and sleeping better.

She relocated all of my mother's garden ornaments into a big line. She was very proud of herself.

My father had just pulled up the street. She had the biggest smile!

Smelling the flowers

She's addicted to the swings and the playground. On Thursday we went to five different playgrounds and went on the swings twelve times!

The dogs enjoy the outdoors too.

When I decided that we were going home she was sitting crying, I was packing and she said "I'm sorry, I'm sorry". I feel bad that she was having such a hard time. Of course it wasn't until our first night home that Bill notices her tooth!

She's been enjoying going outside at night lately. We had some impromptu skinny dipping one night, she went on the swings one night too. I'm pretty sure she's stalling to go to bed.

Bill and I sit with our feet on the coffee table. but she sits in a chair at the coffee table but still tries to put her feet on it. She's too funny the way she copies us!

I'm hoping our next vacation (36 more days!) is happier. I'm not even back to work yet (tomorrow) and already planning my next day off! It can't come quickly enough.

Here is my scrap booking of the 4th of July

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