Friday, July 20, 2012

This summer is awesome

We've had such great weather. Okay a little hot for Bill's taste but I've been loving it. Last weekend was SO hot we didn't do much of anything. Cassidy went in her pool in the backyard and yelled for me to take her picture.

It was nice to play indoors for a change. We read lots of books, play doh and tickling fights.

I do wish we'd get some rain though because we've had some brush fires in my neighborhood. Tuesday night the fire truck was on our street and a helicopter overhead (looking for more fires). That's a little scary.

I signed up for the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Boston 2012 Walk in October. Some family and friends have said they'll walk with me. Work has been busy so when someone from there called me the other day I know I was short with them. They invited me to a kick off breakfast? I asked what the date was and told her I was travelling on business. I'm sure it sounded like a lie but it's actually true that I'll be in FL that week. She said she'd call me after that to give me my welcome packet.  After I hung up the phone and thought about it I'm wondering...  uh I don't just show up and walk? What welcome packet? What is all that about?  I guess I'll have to wait awhile to find out...

I realize my posts have gotten to about once a week but hey, it's summer. I don't sit at the computer much. I haven't been taking many photo's. I'm too busy having fun! And I have lots planned for the next 10 days or so :-)

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