Thursday, July 12, 2012

Great long weekend

It was so nice to have a five day weekend last week. Cassidy and I kept very busy. We went into Boston with a friend of mine. Saw the swans, baby ducks and smelled the flowers in the public gardens.

We went to the beach. With our giraffe  George. A women stopped and asked us if he was wearing his sunscreen haha.

And Bill bought Cassidy the little Mickey Mouse chair. Mom and I couldn't figure out how to close it so we carried it back to the car open and shoved it in the backseat!  A funny great day!

Over the weekend we went to Davis Farmland. If you're not from around here its a huge petting zoo and sprinkler park. Cassidy loved petting the animals. Mama did too and has a new best friend - Snickers the Llama!

Great long weekend!

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