Friday, October 26, 2012

Change is coming

I had hoped that our house would sell quickly. I didn't imagine it would sell in six days.  It went on the market on a Monday. We didn't allow showings until Wednesday. We had 7 showings between Wed and Sunday and an open house on Sunday. By Sunday night we had 2 offers! You would think with that activity we would've gotten asking price but we didn't. But we never expected to so we're okay with it. The buyer is having their home inspection tomorrow so hopefully that goes smoothly with very little findings.

The house we liked sold the same day ours did. We were pretty disappointed. We went out house hunting with the realtor already and have some prospects.

In the meantime it's been busy with staying out of the house and I can't believe how few pictures I've taken in the last 2 months. I feel really lucky that Cassidy is so laid back. The first day we had 3 showings. After school we went over to my cousins house to kill time. She ate dinner and played there. We headed home only to people still looking at the house. She was very cool about it. We parked down the street and chatted for almost 15 minutes waiting for them to leave. She's a trooper and its nice that she's so easygoing.

I love this t-shirt

She loves to have pretend birthday parties. Sometimes its her birthday, other days its her animals (Violets was yesterday, the babies were today). She's a great hostess and everyone has to have a piece of fake food and a beverage.


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