Saturday, October 6, 2012

One year

One year ago I had surgery to removed cancer from my body. It seems like a bad dream now. I hope to never see that waiting room and those surgeons again. All lovely people but a place I never want to re-visit.  A place I wish no women ever had to visit!

In this month of October the pink ribbon is everywhere.  I was lucky that I pay attention to my body and noticed right away when something was wrong – not everyone does. So if the pinkness of October reminds someone to get a mammogram or to go get that lump checked, then let October be pink! I am the shining example of how early detection can make a big difference in treatment.

Next weekend I, along with family and friends, are walking in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk in Boston. I’ve raised $465!  I heard about this charity walk last year. It was the week of my surgery and my cube neighbor, an older man, put a card and his pin from the walk on my desk. The pin is pink and says “I walk in honor of…” and you write in a person’s name. He had written my name.

Also it’s the American Cancer Society behind this charity event and I used their services last year. When I was freaking out in the weeks leading up to my surgery I needed someone to talk to who had been through this. I think it was easier to talk to a stranger. Roberta called me weekly for about a month and a half, starting before my surgery and ending when I got my pathology results that I wouldn’t need chemo. She was matter of fact and told me step by step how I’d feel after surgery, a week later, two weeks later etc. It made me feel better. It was a big help and I want to give back to that organization. If you’d like to donate the link to my fundraising page is below

One year cancer free!  And many more to come.

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