Thursday, September 16, 2010

First half of vacation over.

Last weekend we left on vacation. Just up to my parents place on the lake. We spent Sunday hanging out with them and then they went home. We went for lots of walks. My parents found this old stroller with a Free sign so they took it & cleaned it up. It made it nice that we didn't have to bring ours (it wouldn't fit in the car anyway). It totally looked like a baby hospital bed. Cassidy didn't care though.

We went to the outlets and bought stuff for Cassidy. A Snowsuit for winter, the pink hat she's wearing in the picture above and a cute baby gap outfit.  We went for a small hike that ended at waterfalls. It was nice and about all my back could handle with the baby in the Baby Bjorn. She's getting too heavy for that and just about exceeds the height limit! A nice man took our picture. We have too few photos of all of us!

We had a nice time but we're happy to be home. We're going to try to do fun things at least two of our four remaining days. It's nice to spend time all together.

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