Saturday, November 19, 2011

No doctors appointments for 15 days!

I have no doctors appointments for 15 whole days. My life suddenly seems uneventful.  I suspect in early 2012 those 15 days will stretch to months. That will be pretty nice!

My first entire week back to work is over! I'm caught up but again, a bit of a lame duck as I will be out again on medical leave in twelve more working days. Not that I'm counting. Work did prove to me that though I feel different and think I look different, I don't.  Which Bill has been telling me all along but why would I believe him? 

Yesterday a friend brought Cassidy a much belated birthday gift. A pink rocking horse (oh yeah, we have a pony!). He's pink but we know he's a boy because his voice is male. She loves it. I wasn't sure she would. When I showed her that his mouth moves when he sings the look on her face was priceless. She might just think he's real now.

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