Saturday, February 11, 2012

I want my normal life back!

I've tried to just get my life back to normal since breast cancer. For the most part it is. But there is this one lingering thing that is a pretty frequent reminder of all that has happened.

If you don't want to hear about my sex life stop reading now!

We still have no birth control!  Back in November I had to have my birth control removed because of the hormones. My options are very limited because I can't use anything with hormones. At that point Bill made an appointment for a consultation about a vasectomy. We thought the 4 weeks we had to wait for that appointment was the end of the world. Little did we know.

His appointment was a few days before my implant exchange surgery. He was told my "this bitch of a doctor" that they wouldn't even consider a vasectomy because of the heart medicine he is on (Plavix & aspirin). We were very upset. I call my doctor the same day to talk about my limited options. I get an appointment for 6 weeks away (end of January).

That appointment was two weeks ago. My options are limited to two. Have my tubes tied or the Paraguard IUD. Doctor recommended having my tubes tied. After all, Bill and I never planned to have other kids. I didn't want to have surgery, not matter how minor. So I say I want to try the IUD. Apparently it has to be put in when you have your period.  And this is where fate steps in to crap all over me.  I haven't gotten my period.  Which I knew was a possible side effect of the tamoxifen but I just figured it wouldn't happen this fast.  I'm so bummed out.  This impacts our life every week. Condoms are awful!  I just want to move on and to do that I need reliable birth control!!  Argh stupid cancer!

To wrap this up on a happier note I'll throw in some cute pictures.
Last weekend we had everyone over for my mom's birthday and apparently scooter cars are fun when you're 10 and 13 too!
Cassidy likes to sit in a big girl chair to eat now. Her highchair is for babies and stuffed animals only. She can reach into our drawers and gets bowls and silverware for the dolls to eat from!

Cassidy is great at sharing. Jake always wanted a Maraca!  and when she put it there she said "Here you go Jake". Very cute!

We all have animal hats!

She still loves to read books but its been awhile since we've had to read every single on in the house in one day. But now she likes to read the same one over and over. Or in her words "Again Again".

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