Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bad things happen all the time

This week, an office friend passed along some very personal, very bad news of another person in our office.  The kind of news that had me crying on my drive home from work for this woman who I barely know.  After my friend told me this news she made a statement similar to “I’m so tired of hearing bad news. It seems like bad things are happening to everyone”.

I think we all hear bad news fairly often from people. I think bad news is big and scary and good news is smaller and simpler, and less talked about. Sure some good news is big, like having a baby or getting married.  At a certain age there’s less of that going on in your circle of friends so you hear more bad news.

Maybe people should talk more about the small things that make them happy.

My husband bought me flowers for no reason.
I saw a beautiful sunset on my drive home from work.

My daughter gave me the sweetest hug yesterday.

If we focus on all the good things in our life you realize that they add up to one great happy life. And that helps overcome the bad news you hear or experience. So much of life is your attitude. I choose a happy positive attitude!

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