Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Cassidy doesn't know how to kiss.  If you ask her for a kiss she moves her cheek towards you. So you can kiss her :-)  Over the weekend I cut my finger and I asked her to kiss it and make it better like mommy does for her booboo's.  She put her cheek on my finger! haha.

We had a nice long weekend. We went to this indoor petting zoo which was... kind of stinky. Cassidy didn't want to ride anything though she enjoyed feeding the goats.

Other good news from the weekend was that I got my period! Yippee! the doctor squeezed me in on Friday and I got the IUD. I'm SO happy I won't have to have surgery. Even if it was minor.

Also we've redecorated our living room. Painted and new furniture. I haven't gotten many pictures back up on the wall yet.  Before photo:

The sectional is really nice though its higher so Cassidy cannot get on by herself. We have so much more seating now. The four of us really didn't fit on the old couch!

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