Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Bill and I just got back from Bermuda. We had a wonderful vacation. It's so relaxing there. Our hotel was awesome. We had a lot of fun and we have to go back because there were lots of things we didn't even do!
This was the view from the patio on our room.
Our hotel had a really nice beach and two afternoons we relaxed under an umbrella.
Somers Garden in St. George

From Fort Hamilton

It seemed like a big thing to do in Bermuda is shop. I don't shop on vacation. I never have, it's not my thing. So because of that I thought the cities - Hamilton & St. George - were just OK. Though there are chickens & roosters wild everywhere which is cool!

We did the touristy Crystal Caves. Which were interesting. 88 steps down and on my way back up (I was leading of course) a rat ran across a step ahead of me. I screamed like a girl!

My favorite thing we did was on Sunday. We took a bus to the smallest drawbridge in the world and then walked 8 miles on the rail trail to the Royal Dockyard. On the way we climbed up to Fort Scaur and got to see things you wouldn't see just riding the bus to the main town. Like bananas growing on a tree!
smallest drawbridge


We're already trying to figure out when we can go back. We did miss Cassidy though and she missed us too. We have all week to spend together since we're still off from work so we'll make it up to her.

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