Sunday, May 6, 2012

Boring Week

After getting home from Bermuda Monday I still had the whole week off. I knew it would be a pretty boring week but with rainy chilly weather it was worse than I’d expected. I’ve been happy to leave Breast Cancer in the dust and I had a bunch of cancer related things to take care of this week that pushed cancer back to the front of my mind.

On Tuesday I had an appointment with my oncologist to check-in to see how the side-effects of Tamoxifen are treating me. They took some blood which was all normal. I got a prescription to stop the hot flashes that I get at night so we’ll see how that works. I’ll have to go see him yearly while on the Tamoxifen.

On Wednesday I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon. The final part of reconstruction is nipples. I didn’t want to have more surgery so I decided not to have nipples reconstructed (create a  nub). Another option is to have a 3D effect nipple / areola tattoo. That’s what I did and I felt blah about getting it done but now I’m happy I did. They look truly awful because she used an old style tattoo needle. I’m black & blue too! I’m sure in a week or two it’ll look better.

On Thursday night I went and got a fun tattoo on the back of my neck. It was a tattoo filled week.

Now it’s the weekend and my husband abandoned us and went to CT. Cassidy and I have kept busy but I miss having an adult to talk to. Cassidy is very helpful. She cleans the counters.

She gave Jake many check-ups. He's very healthy! I think he's scared of the doctors bag now.

She ate lots of salad. She's obsessed. And she wants "my own salad". Lite Caesar dressing and she loves the croutons (of course).

Cassidy is pretty good company though we were happy to get out for a little while today over to Renee's house where we colored and played with Play-Doh!

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