Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Great Vacation

We were on vacation last week. We started vacation at home. Cassidy got a new pillow (she loves it) and we put new tires on her bike. Now it's higher so she cannot get on by herself but she does try to ride it though. The video below is funny at the end.

Then we went to Martha's Vineyard for a week. You see some pretty funny GPS photo's on an island. Cassidy thought it was "so silly" that we brought the car on a boat.
We went to the beach.

We rented bicycles and pedaled from Oak Bluff's to Edgartown. We walked around the gingerbread cottages. Cassidy loved riding behind Bill. The rental shop nicely got her a helmut with pink straps. Her stuffed animal rode along one way in the seat with her too. I'm not sure Bill was too thrilled with her goosing him while he was pedaling though.

We had rented a house so it was nice to be able eat breakfast, pack lunches and cook a few nights. Also it gave us more room for when someone in our family had too much fun at the beach and was crabby and needed a nap.

We visited the Aquinnah Cliffs and Gayhead Lighthouse. You wouldn't think a two year old would be interested but she badly wanted to climb to the top of the lighthouse.

A man asked us if we wanted him to take our picture. We said sure and he asked Cassidy's name. I suspected she'd hide her head in shyness and she surely did!

We went on the Famous Flying Carousel. We had told Cassidy about the merry-go-round before we left home. She asked the entire first day about it. After her nap we went right there - only to find out it was closed during the week! She was a good sport when we explained that the horses were resting and sleeping and we'd go on the weekend. We let her go on twice on Sunday and she was satisfied with that.

On our last night we saw a rainbow while eating dinner
Our entire trip Cassidy was in a singing mood. We heard the color song and the ABC's many, many times. On our drive home she started adding on! At the end of the ABC song she would say "next time won't you sing with me. me. me. meeeeeeeeeee!" LOL  She's pretty cute and really such a good girl. She's a good little traveler which is nice for us.


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