Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

Wow I guess I forgot about blogging.  yeah, it happens.  Happy Labor Day!  I'll be honest, I never really knew what Labor day was all about. It's a Monday off so it makes me happy. But know that I have a 2 year old who I have to teach like, everything to, I googled it. From Wikipedia "celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers".  Wait a minute - labor day is celebrating me!  Nice to have a holiday for the workers, but this blog is not about work! It's about fun! We've been busy since the zoo. We went to a baseball game. Cassidy loved clapping and eating ice cream.

We attempted to put air in Cassidy's bike tires (We got a Barbie bike from friends). After Bill pumping and Cassidy pumping we realized - there's got to be something wrong with these tires!  Cassidy can get on the bike but with the flat tires its too difficult to pedal. Her new tires are already here and we're just waiting for the tubes.
She's such a big helper! God help you if you don't want her help!

Cassidy loves to play picnic - probably thanks to her super cool Leap frog picnic basket that Auntie Barbara got her for her birthday. So she had been asking to go on a real picnic so we packed up some sandwiches and went to Newburyport. We go there often enough for the Spring and Fall Festivals that we know where to park and where a shady spot to sit it. Cassidy had a good time playing ball and looking at the boats. 

We kicked off Labor day weekend by going up to my folks cottage for the day Saturday. My sister and her family were there so its always nice to spend time all together. It was also a lovely beach day.
I love the sandy wet butt!

I know many people consider labor day the end of summer but I don't. It's not until September 21st people! I'm happy to say that unlike a certain friend of mine who said to me last week "Oh my god it's the end of summer and I didn't go to the beach once" I cannot say that. I enjoyed this summer to its fullest  and I'm hoping for a few more good weather weeks.  Especially since we're heading off on vacation this week!  I'll have lots of beach pictures when I get back!

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