Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cassidy's first real haircut

A few well meaning folks had been pressuring me to have Cassidy's hair trimmed. I was unsure because it's still so short. But it was many different lengths so it was a little crazy. After talking to my hairdresser I decided to bring her. Oddly, her hair looked pretty good that day.

She was definitely nervous but she didn't cry at all and she did really really well. I was very proud of her! After she was very silly at home so all further pictures are blurry (well, most of my pictures are blurry lately - she doesn't sit still!).

Meanwhile we're busy packing and buying things for the new house. You don't think about the things a brand new house doesn't come with. Window shades, curtain rods, toilet paper holders...  we've been really busy. The move is in 11 days!

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