Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great beach day

I vaguely remember when I started this blog, I talked about having 3 day weekends. And while that is technically true, in that I don't go to the office on Fridays, I often do work from home a few hours each Friday. Especially this summer as work projects, conference calls and playing catch up for doctors appts have led to many a Friday sitting in front of my laptop.

Well, now I have cancer and I say... screw that! Yesterday, we hit the beach! Cassidy, my mom, my sister and nephews enjoying sun & sand. We had a great day! Big waves and talk of Hurricane Irene coming to New England.  Of course the adults talked about treatment and reconstruction and what-ifs but in between we talked about burying Anthony.
and how Cassidy pooped in her bathing suit / swim diaper. Confirming for me that I don't understand how a bikini bottom doubles as a diaper as you have to pick the poop balls out and get rid of them! We talked about school being cancelled already for Monday and broken boogie boards. It was a great day.

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