Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MRI photos

Due to a slight mix up I ended up having to go to LC today to pick up a CD of my images (mammogram, ultrasound & MRI). Of course I asked if I'd be able to look at the pictures on my home computer and they said yes.   During my MRI they put contrasting dye in my blood. The results were that the cancer in the breast needs more blood so it takes more dye.  I'm thinking the dye is blue in these pictures.

 The top photo says 9.7 cm on it.  When we met with LC they told me that at it's largest point they thought my cancer was almost 10 cm. I read on a breast cancer website that if the cancer is larger than 5 cm they recommend a mastectomy because a lumpectomy that size would remove so much of the breast that the person would be disfigured.  Mine is double that size! 
I think it might be good that I looked at these because I can see now that something is wrong. Obviously, I can feel that something is wrong all the time but this is more proof.
This sucks!

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