Saturday, August 20, 2011

I have breast cancer

The summer has been busy. We had an oceanside vacation, lots of work travel, lots of weekends away. Somehow during all that busyness I noticed something weird in my right breast and headed to the doctors to get it checked out (only after being yelled at by a friend and a sister that ignoring it wasn't an option and it probably wouldn't go away on its own).  Then squeezed in lots more visits to the doctor for my first ever mammogram (I'm only 39), boob ultrasound, MRI and finally two biopsies. The doctor called the day after the biopsy - ductal carcinoma in situ. 
It's been two days since the call.
I'm still in shock.
We have an appointment Monday with the treatment team. The gave me the heads up on the phone that they're recommending a mastectomy. Wow!  We'll get a second opinion. I think before you let someone cut off part of you that seems like a good thing to do.
We're having a BBQ on Sunday so this is a busy weekend too. some pictures from our summer below.

Chicago really is windy!

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