Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day before surgery has been pretty relaxing

My mom, Cassidy and I went to Garden in the Woods in Framingham this morning to try to take Cassidy's 18 month picture (my girl is 18 months old!  when did that happen?).  It was chilly! Fall has arrived (for the day at least). While the garden was more just woods at this time of year, we had many good picture taking opportunities.

Cass kept running away from us and Grammie had to chase her down

My Favorite!

We had a really fun time!

I'd have to be totally dead inside not to be nervous about tomorrow but... I think I'm doing okay. Last night I talked to an American Cancer Society volunteer with the Reach to Recovery program. They matched me up with someone who had the exact same surgery and reconstruction. It was nice to hear what to expect from someone who went through the same thing. I feel like I know a little better what to expect tomorrow and I know I can handle it. The bottom line is, after tomorrow's surgery, I will still be me. A mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a valued employee, an avid exerciser, a dog-lover and a control freak. Real boobs or fake boobs or the kinda-sorta lumps I’ll have for the next few months doesn’t change who I am. 

Digi scrapbooking supplies from Shabby Shoppe

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