Thursday, October 13, 2011

Follow-up appointment with Plastic Surgeon

The drainage output sheet they gave to me from the hospital stated that when each drain is producing less than 30 ML in a 24 hour period, call your doctor to have them removed. You can imagine the dancing we did this morning when my quantities for the last 24 hours were 29 and 20!  I dressed in regular clothes (that didn't really fit drains) figuring they will be coming out for sure.  I tell the nurse how excited I am!  She takes the sheet with our measurements.

The doctor walks in and says "I hate these sheets!  You're going to hate me. My rule is less than 20 ML"
So I still have drains in.  I'm hoping and praying that tomorrow morning I'm under 20 on each side. If not my options over the weekend are 1) wait until Monday or 2) Call the on call plastic surgeon at Brigham & Womens and if they don't have too many emergencies they might agree to take them out.  But I might get there only to find out that emergencies have arisen and have to wait 4 hours. 

Option #2 doesn't really work with my life. Though my life is pretty limited with hoses sticking out of me.  I'm really hoping tomorrow works out!  The doctor said that if the drains are the worst part of this it's going really well. She said I look good and I'll go for my first expander fill-up in two weeks!  The doctor did try to put some padding around the drain holes and tape them up so hopefully they don't move around too much and bother me less.

Interesting information -  my sister and I had wondered what was holding my incisions together - stitches? staples?  I looked but couldn't really see anything, turns out, that makes sense because it's glue holding me together!

Friends have sent me some lovely flowers, one had a balloon which Cassidy loves and carries around the house. I also got an edible arrangement! The look on Cassidy's face was pricelss, you would've thought she won the lottery! We had to immediately open it so she could begin eating it! Thanks for helping make our house so cheerful!

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