Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday already

You definitely don't have a good sense of time when you're hopped up and nauseous on pain killers. I was released from the hospital yesterday even though I was still nauseous. I wanted to come home. Last night I said "That's It!" to those darn painkillers that made me itchy, sick to my stomach and dizzy and stopped taking them. It was Tylenol only overnight. Bill and Cassidy are at the pharmacy now picking me up something milder that the doctor called in but I'm doing pretty okay on just Advil (which the Dr. recommended over Tylenol).

The good news was preliminary results on my lymph node was negative! Yippee!  I'll really celebrate when the final results come this week.

The plastic surgeon thought my skin looked so good she put quite a lot of saline in my tissue expanders, 300cc.s - their limit is 500cc's. With that and all the swelling I have some pretty big...   lumps.  Yeah, they look like bumpy lumps. 

The drains are without a doubt the worst part of this. I look like a freak with big bulbs under my shirt.  The one on the left is stitched to my skin right under my super fashionable velcro bra and is the spot that hurts the most on me.  But I can't be too upset because the doctor said it's because I'm skinny that it hurts so much.  I love how they throw that in.  Things hurt more because there's no fat to pad anything.  Like it's a bad thing. haha  

I survived. 

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