Sunday, September 25, 2011

Counting down

We love counting down to vacations at our house. I think Bill and I counted down to our honeymoon for months.  We'd email each other things like "2 months, 15 days until our vacation".  Then when we were on our honeymoon (and every vacation since then) we say to each other "Happy 2nd (or 3rd, 4th etc) day of vacation!"!  I think, most humans enjoy a happy countdown. Unfortunately you count down to bad things too and that's what I'm driving myself crazy with lately.
  • 12 days until surgery
  • 12 more days of picking up and squeezing this beautiful lady 
  • 8 days until pre-op appointments
  • 6 more days until we go to the Big E
  • 1 more weekend of happy/healthy normal Sheryl
  • 12 more hours until the knot in my stomach gets a little bigger (happens every day now)
I feel like I should be doing something.  But I don't know what the something is. Sitting around crying is not for me. I've thought about a support group but my life is so busy already - I don't want to take a second away from my life outside work for that. I guess I'll just continue on with business as usual. Work, exercise, errands, spending time with Cassidy, Bill and Jake and whoever else. 

And maybe figure out something BIG and GOOD to start counting down to. Right before all this boob lump stuff started I'd told a few friends that for my 40th birthday I wanted a weekend in the sun. Since Bill is allergic to that fiery ball in the sky (his words, not mine) I'm relying on friends to come with me. I don't care if I have no money and have to charge it (this is SHOCKING coming from me) but I am celebrating that birthday just how I want.  I think this week I'll start researching sunny destinations!  Get your passports ready girls :-)

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