Friday, September 9, 2011

Growing up

Last week daycare informed us that Cassidy would be moving to the Toddler room. It was good timing as her current teacher was leaving the center so transition to a new teacher would’ve happened either way. This week was transition week. Tuesday she did great. Played with the bigger kids, napped on a mat (instead of in a crib – I was pretty proud of my girl).  Tuesday night she was pretty tired from going from two naps to one – that’s a big change for her. But it wasn’t a bath night so she went to bed around 6:50pm.

Since she did so well on Tuesday, she spent most of Wednesday in her new classroom. Wednesday didn’t go so well. She was already tired from Tuesday and Bill had to wake her up to bring her to school. She sucked her thumb on the way to school (a sign that she’s tired). She tripped on the chair at lunch and cut her nose so I got an incident report when I picked her up. And while I was getting her lunch box she fell again and they were icing her eye when I got to her classroom! And only one nap. Which lasted only one hour! Traffic on the way home, crying Cass in the backseat, mommy signing songs “If your happy and you know it clap your hands” – there was no clapping from the backseat!   5:50pm, get in the door and get her dinner STAT.  Except she doesn’t want dinner. She’s throwing forks and food and screaming and crying and OMG where is Bill?  I take her out of the highchair and clean up a little. Hold her on my lap, rock, sing more songs, offer crackers, pretzels, milk. More screaming & crying. I say “Do you want to go upstairs?”  The crying stops. I ran upstairs, pulled off her jeans, determine that her diaper was dry enough, put on elastic waist pants & dropped her in the crib.
Where she stuck her thumb in her mouth and curled up – at 6:08pm. And slept until 7ish Thursday morning.
My poor girl, growing up is hard on both of us.

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