Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally – Information

Well, it took seven phone calls and messages but I finally have information about appointments, forms etc.  My surgery is at Faulkner hospital in Jamaica Plain.  It’s in the afternoon (boo – not eating makes for a crabby Sheryl!). I have pre-op appointments earlier in the same week as my surgery and the form for my HR department is just waiting a signature and should be in the mail to me soon.
Also, the genetic counselor called with my results and I was negative for the BRCA gene. Which is great news for me and all those girls related to me J
I did some reading about choosing to do a bilateral mastectomy and not too many women regret doing it but quite a few regret not doing it due to having to get MRI’s and mammograms every 6 months to check the natural breast plus issues with symmetry. No matter what it’s a stinky situation and decision.
In the meantime I'm just waiting to have surgery. Which is not a fun thing to be waiting for and dreading all the time but I'm trudging along.

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