Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Awhile back my wise husband stated that once things got scheduled and set up - that having an end in sight would make things easier. I hesitate to use the phrase, something to look forward to, but in a way the end of this is something to look forward to. Lots of things will be different and between now and then will be a roller coaster ride of emotions. In the not too distant future, it will be over.

Today the plastic surgeon's office called with the first date that both the breast surgeon and plastic surgeon were available - so I took it. Then I printed off some MS Outlook calendars (Cancer Calendar) and penciled in some milestones.

October 7th - surgery
2 months of every other week tissue expander fill up's (like hitting the gas station!)
Expander's swapped for implants around January
New nipples in the April time frame

October 7th seems both far away and not far away enough. I don't think any date could be far enough away for my taste. Guess I'm not doing so great accepting this today.

This girl makes me feel better!

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