Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kids grow up so fast

Today was my nephew's thirteenth birthday. He's a teenager! Time really does fly. I have so many memories of him younger that seem like a couple of years ago... How did so much time pass? 

When he was two and a half we all went to the town summer fair. My sister and I left our purses at her house and upon arriving her husband realized he didn't have his wallet. We sat on the grass and waited for him to go home and pick up some money. My sister took a picture of my nephew and I while we waited and I still have it framed in the hallway.  I've had that picture framed for ten years!

He is now as tall as his mom. I hope he had a great birthday and stays the good kid he is now.

Realizing how fast the years pass helps remind me to appreciate these toddler years with Cassidy.  She had fun at her cousin's birthday party today. Last night we practiced saying "Happy Birthday" but she clams up around people so she wouldn't say it. Though she did say it at home again tonight.  She sat next to him while he opened his gifts. She was really cute.

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