Friday, December 9, 2011

You've got to trust a plastic surgeon

Yesterday we had our pre-surgical meeting with the plastic surgeon to discuss details for next weeks exchange surgery. I'm exchanging my coconut like tissue expander's for soft squishy implants.  We discussed the size I want to be which is,  the same as I was naturally or slightly bigger, no smaller (your welcome Bill).

I never thought I had big boobs. Yes, bigger than most of my family but they had small boobs and I figured I was normally sized. But in figuring out what size implants I need to get me back where I used to be I realized, I had big boobs for a person with a puny 13 inch chest.  My tissue expander's are actually larger than my body so I have significant side-boob which I can't wait to be gone!  We had to find implants that could fit on a 13 inch chest but would still be as big as I want. Enter the high profile implant which is specifically for thin women who want big boobs! 

We also discussed how they look now. The right one is not looking good. It sags down and off to my armpit. The doctor said she'd lift that one so there would be deeper stitches and more resting that side.  I think the left looks good.  Apparently the doctor is a perfectionist because she thinks near my cleavage there's a flat spot (?) so she's going to fix that too.

I think if you need to have someone build you new boobs a perfectionist is the way to go.

Finally we squeezed an implant and we were shocked.  When you read online about the new silicon gummy implants they are described as like a gummy bear.  Meaning you can cut it in half and nothing leaks, it's cohesive.  So I expected it to be, kind of firm feeling. It wasn't, it was SO soft. I can't wait to get those in me and get these awful things out! Now I'm excited.

The one piece of bad news is I have to go back to sleeping on my back for a month to 6 weeks :-(   Just thinking about it last night made me restless. I'll be picking up some Advil PM this weekend.

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