Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Post - Operative doctors appointment update

I had my post-op visit with the plastic surgeon today.  She said there is some swelling, which is to be expected and in 2 to 3 weeks things will look more like they are going to look in the future.  She said they will drop down a little bit (basically I look like I have a permanent push-up bra on!). She thinks they are going to look great!

There's one spot that I thought were stitches poking out and she said yes, they are stitches but they'll dissolve. In the same area there's a red splotchy area which landed me with five more days of antibiotics. She said it's probably nothing to worry about but better safe than sorry.

She agreed with me that darn righty is again leaning towards my armpit. She explained that the stitches they put in my muscles to hold righty more centered are permanent stitches so they should hold. As another precaution, my lifting restriction (no more than ten pounds) will remain until January 10th!  Also, while I don't have to wear the ugly Velcro bra and can wear one of my own, she wants me to pad under my right armpit to push my breast more towards the middle and take the pressure off those stitches so they can heal. She thinks once everything droops a little I'll look more even.

Some good news, starting next week I can do low impact workouts and its okay to sleep on my side (yahoo!).  I don't have to go back for two months so I have my list of instructions until then (lifting restrictions, massage instructions etc).  I feel like I have one more step done. One more step back to my normal life!

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