Sunday, December 18, 2011

New implants make noises

On Thursday when I took off my super fashionable Velcro bra to shower, I noticed when I moved, I heard noises.  The only way to describe these noises is... my boobs are farting. My implants are silicone gel so its not them making noise. I assume the noises are from fluid building up around them (IE swelling). I did confirm with a girlfriend that hers made noises at first too. At least I know I'm not crazy.

I'm feeling better. I understand now why the surgeon said this time I'd really have to remember not to lift things. I feel well enough that Cassidy throwing herself at me doesn't phase me and I've reached for her quite a few times. It's important to remember though as I would like to avoid surgery for as long as possible so I want these implants to stay where they are and heal.

Recently I showed Cassidy how to see the picture on my camera after I take one. BIG mistake. She doesn't get that she has to sit still and let me take a picture before there is one to see. This morning I asked her if I could take her picture. Her response "yeah!". She pushed her chair over near the front door.

Sat down for about 15 seconds for me to take a photo and then raced over to me to look at it.  It's actually not too bad with only the blurry arm. I don't think she stayed still for even one second.  Then she sat on my lap wanting me to take her picture.  She's so funny. I just love her to pieces.

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